Safety first

Things that sound so simple are the first and foremost principle of our work. Safety first! And that can only be achieved if our performance in all areas of production, consulting and distribution suits your needs. For us safety means giving and taking. We take it from our company structure, which is unique for a medium sized enterprise and from the know-how of our production partner H&R Chemisch Pharmazeutische Spezialitäten GmbH. We give it to the environment, to our employees and of course to you – our customers. Measure us against this!








For the environment

Each of our staff members is aware of the responsibility; not only for our products and our customers but also for the environment. This is reflected in all our areas of operation. Thus we go below the legally required limit values more than significantly - last but not least because of constant monitoring and investments in this area. The SRS Schmierstoff Vertrieb GmbH is member of the GVÖ - association of self-complying companies.


And resources

We can only live up to our high standards by always thinking ahead a little more than the others. Thus our main responsibility lies not only in the production process but in the product itself. Thanks to continuous development we market only products which meet or exceed all the current requirements and specifications. This way we protect the environment and the resources as well as your motors, engines and machineries.

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