• devoted and competent staff
  • unconditional supply- and quality safety
  • highest performance through advanced technology
  • customer orientation - also in research and development
  • fast, flexible and unbureaucratic in all processes
  • responsibility for environment and resources



Blending und Filling

Oils can be refined - processes can be optimized. Smooth distribution needs high class products and satisfied customers. Both can be achieved through a real and long standing partnership. Our customers rely on us, we guarantee highest quality levels - this is the only way we can work efficiently every day. One thing is our main concern in all processes: your satisfaction with all our products



First class facilities

In the modern blending- and filling facility the high class lubricants are blended and filled. The blending is done via the automatical SMB and DDU method. Also in the downstream area our performance is consistent with the technological progress. We fill our top-quality products into trading units which you need.

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